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5 Lucruri cele mai dorite de catre navigatori

In this article I will present 5 things seafarers they want most. Besides they can be others but I will present the five most desired.

1. Internet to ship. Until recently have free internet and nonstop ship was a dream for many sailors. He became reality a few years ago and now most companies have internet on their ships. Some internet free but limited, some indefinitely and others have internet you have to pay. Unfortunately there are still vessels which do not have internet and at these seafarers in each port give big money to have the internet and get in touch with family or buy their phone cards. Obviously everyone wants to sail on a ship with free unlimited internet.

2. Most want the once in life to get the ship working in the city where they are established or where they were born. Some people do this, and others still hope that one day their dream come true.

3. Who would not like the navigators that one day you can bring the family to the ship where they work? All they want this but is not as easily achieved as some companies prohibit thing for various reasons. Others accept but impose restrictions or accept only certain functions of the Board (ie only for the master and chief engineer). The fact is that most want the job and some even fail.

4. permanent contracts. There are many discussions but I think the majority are those who desire permanent contracts because they are paid the same money as long as he stay home so that they will not cause concern when they sail and not have to even deal money until the last day of the home state.

5. Last but not least the desire is to get the higher position you can hold the ship. All officers and commanders want to become chief engineer but is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. It takes hard work and a lot of experience at sea that have to do every voyage. And nebrevetatii want to avnseze in grade up where allowed and obviously to win more money.

5 Things About these are the most desirable of all seafarers. If you think the other desires are important to you are waiting for your comments!

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