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2 navigatori turci condamnati pentru trafic de cocaina

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Stupid reason for which an entire crew was arrested

A court from India has set days ago that crew members of a U.S. ship to be arrested for the possession of weapons on board.

The weapons were on board  to defend the ship and crew against pirates. From the 33 crew members, ten were Indians nationality, six British, three Ukrainians and 14 Estonians. A judge made the decision that all 33 members to be imprisoned for the next 5 years blowing in the air relations between the United States, Britain and the other side India. Also each of crew member were fine for 45 USD (41 Euro).
Tamil Nadu coast guard from India, arrested the 33 crew members in 2013 after they failed to prove through documents how weapons have come on board and if the crew may hold weapons on board. The owner of ship said that all the weapons were bought legally and properly registered. All those arrested were held in jail for nine months after they were released on condition not to leave India until the final decision which coming last days with jail for the next 5 years but this time will reduce as they already spent 9 months in prison. The lawyers argue that crew will appeal the court’s decision.

India is in conflict with Italy also since 2012 after two Italian soldiers shot deadly two Indian fishermen by mistake believing that they are pirates.

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