6 Romanian Crewing Agencies are not accredited by Romanian Naval Authority

I noticed more often as some fellow sailors have problems with crewing agencies, like wages are not being paid on time or worse cases, they are not paid at all and/or the conditions on board ships are miserable. We remember the The case of Michael Vladeanu , which until today has not recovered his money. It’s hard to believe in 2016 that still happens such cases, but it is much easier to understand when you see how seafarers leave demeaned and manipulated by some crewing agencies and / or persons from these agencies. It’s hard to understand how such agencies still exist among us and can lie our colleagues same its normal.

I do not understand why we not check integrity of any agencies before signing a contract when it is so easy to search on google and see how the agency X is not accredited by Romanian Naval Authority (RNA), or old people from companies which were closed due to cheat are the new people in different agencies.

I don’t spend so much time on the ainostri.ro website where a vast majority of Romanian seafarers are looking for the jobs, and I found that 6 Crewing Agencies have not been accredited by RNA at least since the beginning of July 2016. These agencies are: BERGE BULK, CARIBBEAN SEA, EUROCONT MARITIME, LIONKCORPORATION CREWING, METKAR SHIPPING & TRADING and DEVELOPMENT AND WORK.

We recommend you avoid these agencies crewing and inform you well in advance before signing any contract with any crewing agency. Look on the list of all crewing agencies accredited by RNA in early July 2016: Full list published by RNA

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6 Romanian Crewing Agencies are not accredited by Romanian Naval Authority

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